DiB Catalog: Categories & Taxonomy Update

How do DiB categories work in the catalog, and what it means for MOCE subscribers

Updated 11/30/22


MOCE Professional Subscriber

Now shows inventory, and categories within the site catalog in any available categories within the DiB taxonomy. 

Auto opt-in for the member location to any of the sources of inventory uploads including "Drop Ship" category in Member Catalog, Syndigo uploads, and other various methods.
    • These inventory updates/additions occur on a regular basis, and as a Professional subscriber, these categories/SKU's are shown on your website catalog if there is quantity is on hand, and a match can be made from your POS via the API. (Using UPC)
    • These updates will also allow for product to show for Ship to Store in the DiB catalog even if within a newly-added category, as long as the inventory located in the local

Example: of a recent SKU addition

Non-Professional (Standard or Advanced)

Now, empty categories (without inventory) will not display for the non-Professional subscriber, which makes for a better shopping experience for the user. 

Previously, the categories would show items such as store supplies, and categories to shop without inventory, creating a poor experience for the shopper.