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Galleries - Step 2 - Galleries

This module is for Full Admin users who are in the Galleries module

You need to create a category before adding pictures to a Gallery.

  1. Click on the red 'New +' button
  2. Select your category from the dropdown menu (click on the magnifying glass)
  3. Name the gallery (tip - it can be the same name as the category)
  4. Description - not needed
  5. Content - not needed
  6. Thumbnail - upload from your computer
  7. Photos Aspect Ratio - keep as Square (1:1)
  8. Display Order - not needed
  9. Page Name - automatically created
  10. Page Title - automatically created
  11. Page Keywords - add the same metadata as provided in the category
  12. Page Description - use the same description as provided in the category


  1. Click the + sign on the right side
  2. Select the image from your computer
  3. Double click the file name or select the file name and click 'open'
  4. Optional - name your picture
  5. Optional - caption your picture
  6. Repeat Steps 1 - 5 for each picture

Reordering Your Pictures

You can move your pictures into any desired order by using the up and down arrows in the 'ACTIONS' menu

Don't forget to save your changes!