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Galleries - Step 3 - Linking Your Gallery to Your Website Header Navigation

This module is for Full Admin users who are adding a gallery to their website header.

Option 1 - Adding to Header Navigation

  1. Click on "Galleries" module in the menu bar.

  2. In your gallery, scroll to the bottom to 'Page Information'
  3. Copy the Page Name

  4. In the left-side navigation scroll down to 'Menus'
  5. Click on the pencil icon button next to Header Navigation
  6. Expand the Selection to add the gallery to your header (i.e. News & Events)
  7. Click the + button next to that header
  8. 'New Item' will now be listed below
  9. Complete the fields on the right side:
    1. Name - This will be listed on your website
    2. Page Search
      1. If you created a category or page first, it will be listed in the dropdown menu
      2. i.e. Category - MOCE
    3. URL
      1. The internal page will automatically be linked
      2. If a category - remember how step 1 was copying the Page name?
        1. Paste the page name in the URL field but add a / first
        2. i.e. /moce
    5. 'New Item' will be changed to the name provided and will appear on your website.

Option 2 - Adding to a Page

Please review these instructions in the Knowledge Base