How to View Ship-to-Store Order Details

This module is for all MOCE users.

Log into your admin website.

Click on the "Ship-to-Store Order" module.

Under the Actions menu, click on the paper icon.

Note: Your Ship-to-Store details will appear on a new tab as a .pdf.


  • Member - the store where your customer is picking up their order
  • Member Location - the store number
  • Web Order # 
    • This will either start with:
      • 6790 - your customer purchased their items through
      • Member Location - this is the number of your main store 
        • If you have multiple locations, the first four digits will relate to the main store number
  • DiB Order #
    • This is the ECOM number used by the DiB warehouse and trucking systems
  • Date
    • The date the order was placed
  • Est. Delivery Date
    • This is the date provided to your customer when checking out 
    • It is based upon the Store Location information based upon truck delivery days
  • Customer
  • Total
  • Actions
    1. View order
    2. Check in Order - when checked, this button will automatically send an email to your customer to let them know that their order is ready to be picked up
    3. Order Picked-Up - check this icon after your customer has picked up their order