Reading the Proceeds Details Report

How to understand what the various statuses are and read the report. If you have additional e-commerce questions, please contact our MOCE team or the DiB Ecommerce department.


What is the blank ship status?

Orders that were cancelled


What is the service fee-  fee for processing the order online?

This is the 8% (item not on promo) or 4% (item on promo) DIB service fee. 



Mechanism to allow DIB to make an adjustment to make sure a DIB driven price doesn’t create a negative member proceed, if it does this is used to bring the negative to 0


Member Proceeds

This is what the member nets from the transaction. 


Extended vs Unit Price and Cost?

Extended includes quantity, Unit is individual units


Qualified Proceeds Date- Is this the date the order is fulfilled?

Date the order was marked as picked up


When the order number has a CR on the end of it, is that a correction, like a return?

This indicates a return