Resources - Step 3 - Linking Your Resource(s) to Your Website Header Navigation

This module is for Full Admin Users adding resources to their website menu

Option 1 - Adding to Header Navigation

  1. In your resource, scroll to the bottom to 'Page Information'
  2. Copy the Page Name

  3. In the left-side navigation scroll down to 'Menus'
  4. Click on the pencil icon button next to Header Navigation
  5. Expand the Selection to add the resource to your header (i.e. Articles & Buying Guides)
  6. Click the + button next to that header
  7. 'New Item' will now be listed below
  8. Complete the fields on the right side:
    1. Name - This will be listed on your website
    2. Page Search
      1. If you created a category or page first, it will be listed in the dropdown menu
      2. i.e. Category - MOCE
    3. URL
      1. The internal page will automatically be linked
      2. If a category - remember how step 1 was copying the Page name?
        1. Paste the page name in the URL field but add a / first
        2. i.e. /moce
    5. 'New Item' will be changed to the name provided and will appear on your website.