Why BOPIS / Click to Collect

90% of retailers saying that they plan to offer the purchase online pick up in-store option in 2021; now is the time to implement it for all retail businesses. Why is it important?

Updated 7/7/2021

BOPIS retail was already a growing trend, but the pandemic has accelerated its mainstream adoption to the point where it has quickly become part of the “new normal.”  

By 2025, 10% of all retail sales are expected to be fulfilled using BOPIS.

With 90% of retailers saying that they plan to offer the purchase online pick up in-store option in 2021, now is the time to implement it for all retail businesses.

Retailer Benefit

  • Increased Sales: Having shoppers visiting your brick-and-mortar store is an excellent way to increase cross-selling opportunities. According to one report, 80% of customers who use BOPIS shop for other things while they’re picking up their orders—a huge potential source of additional revenue.
  • Decrease in in your cart abandonment figures  Unexpected shipping costs are the main reason why customers leave their carts without completing a purchase
  • Lower Shipping Expenses: Shipping is expensive for retailers too, especially last-mile deliveries to customer’s doors.
  • When live stock in-store is displayed on the website, you’ll experience a higher percentage of in-store visitors with serious purchase intent, and fewer wandering ‘pedestrians’. Each of these visits also provides a cross-sell opportunity to increase basket size.

Customer Benefit

  • In-stock insurance. BOPIS serves as a kind of insurance that the item customers want is 100% at the store of their choice when it’s ready for pickup.
  • No Shipping Costs: This is a big one, especially for smaller purchases where shipping can often cost more than half of the price of the product itself
  • Faster Service: Despite an increase in express shipping options, BOPIS offers a speed and convenience that shipping companies cannot match. BOPIS also avoids the problem of missed/rearranged deliveries and offers safety and security that the package will not be damaged/stolen during shipping.
  • Better Customer Experiences:  Customers can pick up their item at a time that suits them while avoiding the crowds and queues that often come with shopping in a brick-and-mortar location. They’ll also open, check, and test out their product before taking it home, allowing for instant, hassle-free returns.

    75% of shoppers who have used BOPIS say they are likely to make an additional purchase
    49% of shoppers made unintended purchases while picking up their items in-store
    10% of all sales will be fulfilled by Click and Collect by 2025
    50% of respondents have decided where to shop online based on whether they could pick up in-store


    Top Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Buy Online Pick Up In-Store



    Being able to see products before taking it home


    Avoid shipping costs




    Being able to return the product instantly


     Main Business Reason for Offering Buy Online Pick Up In-Store



    Gain an edge against Amazon


    Keep up with competitors


    Cater to millennial


    Attract shoppers who make additional purchases





    Last year, US click-and-collect sales grew by 106.9%. This year, they will grow by another 15.2%, to reach $83.47 billion, representing 9.9% of all retail eCommerce sales.

    38% of retailers surveyed said BOPIS was key to bringing shoppers into the store

      1. Shoppers can see exactly what stock you have in all your stores.
      2. Availability is updated in real-time.
      3. Shoppers can pick up available items instantly.

    Shoppers embraced click and collect for safety, but they will stay for convenience.

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