Why do I have to "agree" that my email list contains only "opt-in" email addresses?

"By checking the 'I agree' checkbox below, you verify that this email distribution list qualifies as an 'opt-in' list because all members of this list expressly provided direct consent or otherwise gave you or your company express permission in a verifiable manner to send email messages to them."

The above is the direct quote from your Digital Dashboard.


This is not just an agreement with oDash, but this also makes your email list and our services CAN-SPAM compliant. This is a legally-binding agreement in compliance with the CAN-SPAM law that was passed in 2003. The short version is this: your customers must agree to be on the list, you must include an *unsubscribe* option, and you must include your business address, among a few other requirements.


The good news is, oDash takes care of all of this for you! Just make sure your customers willingly provide their email address to you.