Editing your Header Navigation (Top Menu)

This article is for Standard and above MOCE subscribers who are editing their website.

  • Click on the 'Menus' module in your left-side navigation

  • Click on the pencil icon to create or edit your menu navigation

Adding a new menu item

To add a main menu item click on the + sign

  • The 'New Item' Appears at the bottom of the list
    • Provide a Name for your Menu item
    • Either search for your page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon 
      - OR -
    • Paste your page URL into the field
    • Select 'All Users' from the dropdown menu
    • Optional - toggle to 'YES' in 'Open in New Window?' if you are directing to your customers to a different website
    • Click 'Save Changes'

Editing the order of your menu

  • Use the up and down arrows next to each item that you want to move up or down 
    • Up moves the items to the left
    • Down moves items to the right
  • Click 'Save Changes'

It can take about 10 minutes for your new menu items and changes to display on your website.