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Prepare to go live on MOCE Professional

  1. Do you have all the right people assigned who will be receiving & processing orders? (Contact your Program Manager if you're not sure.) 
  2. Does your staff know the entire process including how to process orders?
  3. Do a test run with logging in and ensuring you have the correct access
    1. Log into MOCE DiB Admin:  (Save/Bookmark this link)
    2. Username:
    3. Password: 
  4. Are you ready for Curbside Pickup?
  5. Do you know how to change out your Featured Products?
  6. Do you need additional MOCE Training with our team? 
  7. Do you have the right expectations set for BOPIS customers listed on your website similar to this example?
  8. Would you like to see your website's Google data on a monthly basis? 
  9. Would you like free images to add to your website? (Feel free to request MOCE assistance, if needed.) 
  10. Would you like to promote BOPIS through social media with our free images? 
  11. Would you like to use the Pick N Pack App to make the process easier for you and your team? 
    1. See more about Pick N Pack 
    2. Download Pick N Pack for Apple or Android Mobile Devices
  12. Sign the agreement for Professional via Panda Docs: Click here to complete
  13. Be sure to check your email and the app for orders! Happy Selling!